1) Who was the Class President For Class of 1988?
Rachel Voight
Faisal Minwalla
Karen Ehrhardt
Eric Wullenweber
2) What date did we Graduate on in 1988?
May 31
June 6
June 1
June 3

3) Where did the gradution ceremony take place at in 1988?
University of Cincinnati
Millett Hall
Xavier University
Cincinnati Convention Center
4) What was the name of our school principal?
Richard Imhulse
Robert Keith
Terry Byrne
Linda Schulte

5) What team sport did Colerain High School not have back in 1988?
Boys Golf Team
Girls Softball Team
Bowling Team
Girls Track Team
6) Who were the Senior Class Prom King and Queen
Derek Kautzmann and Sheri Sicking
Matt Martini and Diane Lucas
Craig Richardson and Terri Bray
P. J. Bierbaum and Nancy Clapp

7) What date was Prom Night on in 1988?
May 14th
May 21st
May 7th
May 28th
8) Where was the prom held at?
At The High School
Riverview Revolving Hall
Moonlight Pavilion
Cincinnati Convention Center

9) What was the high school newspaper called?
The Cardinal Express
Cardinal School
Colerain High Cardinal News
Cardinal News
10) Who was the Editor-In-Chief of the high school newspaper?
Kim Barlag
Jim Steeves
Julie North
Greg Dudsic

11) What was the name of our Cardinal Mascot?
12) What was the #1 TV Show in 1988?
The Cosby Show
LA Law
Growing Pains

13) Which TV Show did not air for the first time in 1988?
Murphy Brown
The Wonder Years
14) What movie won the oscar for best picture in 1988?
Dangerous Liaisons
Working Girl
Rain Man
Fatal Attraction

15) Who won the Grammy for Best New Artist of the Year in 1988?
Bruce Hornsby
Jody Watley
Tracy Chapman
Terence Trent D'Arby
16) What was the top box office movie of the year in 1988?
Rain Man
Who Framed Roger Rabbit
Die Hard

17) What was the best selling album of the year in 1988?
GNR Lies - Guns N' Roses
Bad - Michael Jackson's
U2's - Joshua Tree
Faith - George Michael
18) "Baby Jessica" fell in the well in Midland, TX. What was her last name?

19) Who won the Super Bowl in 1988?
Houston Oilers
Denver Broncos
Washington Redskins
New York Giants
20) How much did a gallon of gas cost in 1988?
87 cents per gallon
92 cents per gallon
$1.01 per gallon
$1.09 per gallon

21) "One Moment in Time" was a hit for which female artist in 1988?
Whitney Houston
Kylie Minogue
22) "Don't Worry, Be Happy" was a number one hit for whomin 1988?
Phil Collins
Glenn Medeiros
Terence Trent D'Arby
Bobby McFerrin

23) Who had a number one hit with "The Way You Make Me Feel"?
Billy Ocean
Michael Jackson
Pet Shop Boys
24) Which band had a number one hit in the US with "Bad Medicine"?
Bon Jovi
Depeche Mode

25) Which British band sang "Love Bites"?
Iron Maiden
Status Quo
Def Leppard
26) "Fast Car" was a top ten hit for which American singer?
Tina Turner
Gloria Gaynor
Tracy Chapman
Natalie Cole